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Republic of Ireland Show Number Plates|Discover more about our Show Plates for use in the Rep of Ireland.

Ireland Show Plates Show Plates Constructor you can design & order plates for off-road show-use.
Prices start from £10 per plate


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You can order plates with the registration spaced whichever way you choose with or without the registration county at the top of the plate. You will find a large selection of fonts, a shadow can be added and there are multiple colours available. There is also an option to add a slant to the font.

In the Irish Show plates constructor, you also will find a large selection of cut and contour plate sizes and shapes to choose from. Alternatively, if you want plates made to custom dimensions simply select ‘Custom Size’ from the drop down size menu and enter the dimensions in the ‘special requirements’ box provided.

There is also a vast array of borders with multiple colour combinations available and you can choose between plain or honeycombe pattern reflective.

Details & Options Available

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Custom designed show plates in ROI format, color white front & rear plate.

If you want a yellow rear reflective plate, just mention so in the Special Requirements box.

Pick and choose from our massive library of options, wide selection of badges, borders, colours, fonts and plate sizes.

Custom plate sizes

Honeycombe Reflective

Contour cut plates


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The placename must match the Index mark, as set out in the table below.
plate county selection


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Registration spaced how you want!
We will manufacture your plates with the registration spaced how you want.
Plates ordered through or IRL Show Plates Constructor will be spaced how you type it.

How To Order

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Go to Irish Show Plates Constructor, input your registration, select from the various options available to suit your requirements.

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