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Standard UK Legal Plates Information|Discover more about our high quality legal number plates suitable for UK road use & MOT tests.

Standard UK Legal Plates On our Standard UK Number Plate Constructor you can design & order high quality legal number plates. Suitable for UK road use & MOT tests, from only £20.00 per set....


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Uk Number Plate Diagram

As we are located in Ireland we are outside the scope of the UK DVLA legislation. This means you can purchase plates online from us without providing entitlement documentation as required by plate suppliers in the UK.

Although you will not have to provide any documents, we very carefully screen all orders for potentially fraudulent activity. We have fraud managment filters in place that screen payments for address validation. To successfully place an order with fancyplates.com, the address you supply must match that of the credit card holder and alll orders will require a signature at delivery.

Number Plates ordered through our Standard UK Plates Constructor will comply with the strict DVLA requirements and be made from British Standard BSAU 145d materials to ensure that you get a high quality product.

This allows FancyPlates.com to provide you with a fast, efficent & hassel free service with speedy 24-48hours delivery anywhere in the UK.

Uk GB Number Plates

UK GB Number Plate

UK Legal Mandatory Font Style

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The characters on all plates ordered through our Standard UK Plate Constructor use the mandatory black typeface in accordance with UK The Road Vehicles (Display of Registration Marks 2001) Regulations 2001.

Mandatory Typeface

Any deviation from the above font style or size will make your plates illegal for road-use.
The characters need to conform to the following specifications

All UK vehicles except motorcycles and imports

Characters Size
Height 79mm
Width 50mm
Stroke 14mm
Side Margin 11mm
Top & Bottom Margin 11mm
Space between characters 11mm
Space Between Groups 33mm

UK Legal Motorcycle & Import Font Style

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UK Motorcycle and Import Font

Motorcycles, Tricycles and Imported vehicles

Characters Size
Height 64mm
Width 44mm
Stroke 10mm
Side Margin 10mm
Top & Bottom Margin 10mm
Space between characters 10mm
Space Between Groups 30mm

Any deviation from the above font style or size will make your plates illegal for road-use.

We will automatically use the motorcycle/import font on motorcycle size plates 229mm X 178mm, or any import size plates 330mm X 165mm, 330mm X 178mm or 305mm X 152mm.

Typical Motorcycle Plate Layouts

Uk Motorcycle Plates Diagram

UK Legal - Typical Japanese Import Vehicle Plate

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UK Jananese Import Number Plates


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All plates ordered through our Standard UK Number Plate Constructor will be spaced legally with one 33mm space between the groups.

Characters must not be moved from one block to the other e.g. DN51 MWO must not be displayed as DN5 1MWO or DN 51MWO.

If you order through our Standard UK Constructor and incorrectly space your registration, we will change the spacing to the correct legal format set out above.

If you want to mis-space your registration for off-road show use!
Please use our Show Plates Constructor

Available side badges

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In the UK there is provision, on a voluntary basis, for the display of the Euro symbol and GB national identifier on the plate. This enables motorists to dispense with a separate GB sticker when traveling within the EU, if they wish.

Those who choose to display a national flag or symbol on their number plates in preference to the European circle of stars and GB identifier will be required to continue to display a separate GB sticker when travelling outside the United Kingdom.

Motorists can display any combination of the following flags and literals:

Flags: Union Flag, Cross of St George, Cross of St Andrew (Saltire), Red Dragon

Literals: England, ENG, Great Britain, GB, United Kingdom, UK, Cymru, CYM, Wales, Scotland, SCO

You are not allowed to display any other flag or symbol and this only applies to vehicles registered in England, Scotland and Wales. North of Ireland (NI) is excluded, leaving the European Flag as the only acceptable symbol there.

Legal Number Plates
See all available combinations on our Standard UK Number Plate Constructor.