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TVR Back-lit Number plates|Discover more about our TVR back-lit material for either Legal or Show plates.

TVR Back-lit Number Plates TVR Back-lit material can be selected in either our Legal Plate or show plate constructors.


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On some TVR's, the rear plate is illuminated from behind. There is a special material required to allow the light to come through the rear plate, whilst being also being reflective.

Only specific TVR's use the back-lit method so be sure to check before ordering.

We only use the proper material that TVR originally used.
You can also select one of our Pre-2001 fonts to keep your TVR looking authentic.

How to Order

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Go to UK Show Plate or Irish Show Plate Constructor.
Input your registration, select any other options which you require as normal. next select TVR Back-lit from the rear drop-down Size menu.

TVR Back-lit plates The above TVR Chimaera 500 does not have rear illumination so a standard reflective plate does in this instance.